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Coaching for Gifted Adults & Teens & Parents

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Using a comfortable conversational style, I invite my clients to explore the idea of giftedness and the impact that giftedness has had on their personal growth, their relationships, and their professional development. For some clients, the idea of their giftedness is new and my role is one of helping them become aware of the gifts and challenges that amplification has had on their lives. For other clients, their giftedness was identified as children, and they turn to coaching in order to gain greater understanding of the profound impact being gifted has had on their lives. For more information about possible topics discussed during coaching sessions, please visit the Common Questions tab.

Coaching for Spiritual Sensitivity

One of the major challenges faced by spiritually sensitive people is that others often misidentify their sensitivities as weaknesses and defects, and I am working to change this mindset. I am interested in coaching spiritually sensitive people to harness and use their personal energy to self-soothe and modulate their sensitivities so they can effectively channel and experience their intensity and its gifts, rather than stuffing them away or trying to escape them. Some spiritually sensitive children and adults end up with depression, anxiety, and autoimmune issues from the stress of living with sensitivities they don’t understand and can’t contain. These sensitivities can lead to loneliness and self-doubt, and for this reason, I work to nourish the minds, hearts, and bodies of these exquisitely sensitive people and help them develop their gifts while diminishing their challenges. Many of us who are spiritually sensitive do not feel safe in this world with all the chemicals, aggressive people, and over-bearing sights and sounds. It is a nice reminder that by building up our minds, hearts, and bodies (our personal energy), even a spiritually sensitive person can feel safe in, and have a positive impact on, this world.

For my clients who are parents of spiritually sensitive children, I show them they are the most powerful models in the lives of their children. Spiritually sensitive children need to see their parents focused on their own mindfulness and self-awareness.  Parents must give themselves the time and space to create their own "spa moments," even if it’s just taking a luxurious breath when you are stuck in traffic. Thich Nhat Hahn talks about the monks at Plum Village who hear a bell and use it as a reminder to take a breath and be in the moment.  He encourages us that when our phone rings, it should serve as a reminder to take a breath and be in the NOW.

Coaching for Spiritual Guidance

These sessions are designed for those clients who are well-aware of their spiritual sensitivity and who have been engaged in their own spiritual practice for a number of years. Because no spiritual practice or spiritual journey is meant to be standardized, these coaching sessions are highly organic and evolve along with the spiritual growth of the client. We learn to be engaged with the world without being entangled. We learn to live through both our humanity and our True Nature.



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