My spirit guide Holly and I work together to help clients build a bridge between their Humanness and their Divine aspect. Clients ask a question of their spirit guides, and I act as a conduit for the conversations between their guides and Holly. While Holly is speaking through me, I am doodling on a piece of paper as a way to keep my egoic mind busy. Recently, Holly told me that the visuals I create can be used as a visual metaphor for my clients to use during meditation to glean even more information from their Soul Bridge Coaching experience.

Welcome to the Websites of Paula Wilkes, Ph.D.

Coaching the Gifted

My Invitation to You...If you are the parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional child who needs greater challenge...if you are the parent of a gifted or twice-exceptional child who is experiencing anxiety and/or existential questioning...if you are a teen or adult who is interested in exploring your giftedness and/or spiritual sensitivity...I welcome you to this site, and I offer you the opportunity to discover and explore:

  • your uniqueness
  • your gifts and challenges
  • your true nature
  • your exquisite potential
  • your driving force

Soul Bridge Coaching

Guided Conversations Between Your Humanness and Your Divine Aspect